Church History:

Greater Northside M.B. Church was founded and organized under the leadership of the late Rev. A. B Brown, First Lady Atlanta Brown, and several co-laborers for Christ in 1950.


Greater Northside was a small church, filled with love and a yearning for the Word of God.  Although the church was located on the west side of Jackson in Subdivision #2, the name Northside was given because of the division of the city of Jackson by the railroad tracks on J. R. Lynch Street and McRaven Road.


Rev. Brown served as pastor for 51 years in three different locations.  The first location was affectionately referred to as the “Big House” and is the current location of Shiloh Baptist Church.  The second location was the home of Bro. and Sis. A. B Wright and the third location was the home of Rev. and Sis. R. G. Bolden.  Greater Northside was known for its dynamic worship as well as its strong civic and social involvement in the District, State, and National Baptist Convention. Rev. Brown went home to be with the Lord in March 2003. 


Rev. Dr. John M. Patrick was called by God to serve as the second pastor of Greater Northside in December 2002.  He preached his first sermon at Greater Northside on March 2, 2003.  In May of 2003, Rev. Dr. John M. Patrick was installed as pastor of Greater Northside Baptist Church.  Under the leadership of Pastor Patrick, Greater Northside foundation was based on true worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and mission.


Rev. Patrick took the torch of leadership to work physically and spiritually with several ministries.  Greater Northside is active in the Jackson District, the General Missionary, and the National Baptist Conventions.  The church has implemented mid-week bible classes, evangelism classes, children's church, audio and visual system to expand our Christian ministry to the sick and shut-in locally and abroad.  Pastor Patrick instituted the 52 week building fund challenge with emphasis on financial growth through tithes and offering.

Greater Northside provides wholesome activities for both youth and adults. Our annual church picnic, the Women’s Conference, Valentine Banquet, Marriage Retreat, Leader’s Banquet, and youth outings are among some of Greater Northside’s activities.


Greater Northside’s motto is “One body, many members, working together, accomplishing much.”  By the grace of God, Greater Northside has come a long way and the Journey continues with our mission:  “Worshiping God, Equipping the Saints, Cultivating Christian Love and Fellowship to reach Jackson, to reach the world for Christ”.