Greeter's Ministry:

The purpose of the Greeter's Ministry is to be the first friendly contact with our church family and visitors on Sunday morning. Also, our purpose is to give a warm welcome and a loving hug to all who enter our doors, as a reminder that they are always welcome at Greater Northside.


Leaders: Lynette Lawrence & Katherine Graham

Announcement Ministry:

The purpose of the Announcement Ministry is to cheerfully announce all important happenings within and outside our church. Also, our purpose is to recognize all birthdays and wedding anniversaries for members and guests. Most importantly, we recognize all of our guests and allow them to share words with us.


Leader: Lynette Lawrence

Sick and Shut in Coordinator:

The purpose of the sick and shut in coordinator is to check on the welfare of the sick and shut-in and make sure the church is aware of sick and shut-in needs and how we may be helpful in meeting those needs.



Shepherd's Ministry:

The goal of the Shepherd's Ministry is to minister to the Pastor and his family, maintain and upkeep the pastor's office, and meet their general needs.